Mike running Chris Brick's Lockwood at the '05 Pulse-Jet Meet
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    Eric Beck's fabulous Pulsejet Engine Calculator V 1.4

    New blueprint: A7 - Russian
   New blueprint: PL-35 - german
   New Valveless section
   New blueprint: AJR-ramjet from USA
Home made jet engines
What could be better than building your own jet engine? My odyssey began a few years ago and the profound engineering riddle still has me captivated. That riddle: how can something so easy to make be so hard to understand? This site was created by Kenneth Moller and is home to the most active pulse jet forum community on the planet. I am happy to be the new owner, and hope you'll join us in the forum with your ideas and questions, and as always, Happy Pulse-Jetting!

Pulsejet Engines
There are many valve type pulsejet plans at the "pulsejet" link above, and I'll be updating the valveless page with a compilation of verified-to-run motor plans in the near future. There is an extensive searchable treasure trove of publications, plans and discussion in the forum. It's all about fire and noise and making things go with jets that have no moving parts! You'll find some of the finest build logs for DIY turbojets on the net. Get in there and poke around.

-Mike Everman, pulse-jets.com


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